Invention and Technological Ideas Development Organisation "ITIDO" is a Social Enterprise organisation established in 2008 and registered as nonprofit Limited company in 2011 under the laws of Tanzania with the aim of  providing innovative solutions to individuals and organizations desiring to enhance performance by effectively combining technology, people and processes.

 ITIDO establishment was inherent on the belief of ‘Innovation is the Pillar of Development’ and thus assumed the responsibility of playing a role as a catalytic organization by applying rigorous techniques to develop innovative and inventive approaches, services and products, test and scale up proven solutions to real-world problems faced by the communities in Tanzania. ITIDO operating as an ICT for Development enhancement and innovation promotion organization. Utilizing our proven methodologies and flexible approach, ITIDO continue to expand by utilizing a wealth of private and public sector experience. Today, ITIDO improve individuals or organizations performance through: 1. Capacity Building Training, 2. Business Development Services, 3. Consultancy, 4. Research and Development