Connecting Health – Systemic M-health Solutions

Connecting Health – Systemic M-health Solutions for Better Pregnancy and Birth Giving Care The eHealth team of the Innovation Factory at re:publica The eHealth team of the Innovation Factory, an initiative implemented by the German Development Cooperation (GIZ) on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Economic Development and Cooperation, is a multidisciplinary team of health

Innovation Factory

Use of Mobile Phone Technologies to Improve RMNCH services, controlling lifesaving commodities tracking and community service Provider linkage. Tanzania innovation factory country unity team members INNOVATION FACTORY. The innovation factory is a global partnership spanning over 9 different countries that provides space for practitioners of international cooperation for developing innovative ideas in three thematic areas

Life Saving Commodities

ADDO owners and dispensers in training session “Kidole kimoja hakivunji chawa”. This is a Swahili proverb which means “One finger cannot kill a louse”. Whenever people work in team it’s easy to accomplish what so ever comes on their way, it’s easy even to handle a big challenge as long as you’re in team work.

ICT for Girls

ICT FOR GIRLS INTRODUCTION The ICT for girls through public library is a Project that seeks to provide access and training opportunities to librarians on innovative library services and Girls in Secondary Schools on basic ICT and use of ICT so as to improve their reading skills and life skills in Bagamoyo District, Tanzania. Saturday

ITIDO handled over a Toyo Mobile Library Bagamoyo

                                         TOYO MOBILE LIBRARY It was 6th of June 2014 when a mobile library was official launched in Bagamoyo District Pwani Region in Tanzania. This is the first motor cycle mobile library to be introduced in Bagamoyo and perhaps is the first one in Tanzania. This mobile has given a name known as TOYO

e-RCH for Better Care contribute Saving life at Birth

e-RCH for Better Care contribute Saving life at Birth It was a normal day with normal routines to all community health workers (CHW) who were participating in implementing e-RCH4BC project in Rufiji district But that was a memorable day to TUMAINI a community health worker from Utete a head quarter of Rufiji district. It was

e-RCH Project handed over ICT equipment

e-RCH Project handed over ICT equipment to Rufiji District Council The e-RCH Project has handed over ICT equipment to Rujifi district council which will be used to record and track reproductive and child health information and morbidity rates by early identification of the risks, an improved reproductive and child health referral system in the facilities.