e-RCH Project handed over ICT equipment

e-RCH Project handed over ICT equipment to Rufiji District Council

The e-RCH Project has handed over ICT equipment to Rujifi district council which will be used to record and track reproductive and child health information and morbidity rates by early identification of the risks, an improved reproductive and child health referral system in the facilities.

The equipment handed over was 2 Computers and 42 Mobile phones. According to Mr. Twaha Mubarak a representative of the Project said, one Computer will be installed at Rufiji district hospital while the other Computer will be installed at Mchukwi hospital.

Additionally, Mr. Twaha also said that, the mobile phones have been installed a special system that will be used to post information of Pregnant mothers and under five children from different villages of Rufiji district. Through mobile phones, the collected information will be received at Mchukwi and Rufiji district hospital.

Speaking during the occasion, the District Medical Officer, Dr. Fakii Mohamed Kombo expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the Project for the support given to improve reproductive and child health in Rufiji district. He ensured that, the equipment will used for only planned target and not otherwise.

Moreover, Dr. Kombo mentioned that, mobile phones will be used by Community health workers (CHWs) and some of the doctors of Mchukwi and district hospital (Utete). Doctors can also use mobile system for consultation in Telemedicine platform.

Rufiji district is one of the districts that face challenges of mothers’ failure to deliver at the health facilities, it is approximately that, among of pregnant mothers who attend clinic, above 50% deliver at home due to distance and scattered of health facilities. The e-RCH Project is supported by Swedish Organization Spider through Computer department of Stockholm University


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