ICT for Girls



The ICT for girls through public library is a Project that seeks to provide access and training opportunities to librarians on innovative library services and Girls in Secondary Schools on basic ICT and use of ICT so as to improve their reading skills and life skills in Bagamoyo District, Tanzania.

Saturday training session at the public library


During the entire month of November 2015, we continued with the planned timetable of ICT for girls through public library and student were attending training sessions every Saturday.

We were teaching ICT, sexual reproductive health topic and communication skills as indicated in the timetable, in this month our great emphasize was to help student to know how to access e-learning materials via internet so as to widen up their knowledge on the respective subjects they are learning in school taking in consideration that all students were in their annual exams and others were doing national exams especial form two students.

Students learning how to use excel, at the public library


Toyo mobile was created so as to provide opportunities to students especially girls to use ICT services for their studies because they have been lacking this opportunity for a long time, since most secondary schools do not have libraries and many students from Bagamoyo district were not able to access public library services especially district library, due to the fact that many secondary schools in Bagamoyo are allocated far from district library and there is no reliable transport to pick them from schools to public library.

TOYO mobile library has two objectives, the first one is to deliver books in respective schools and allow student to ready and return them after the end of session. Second objective was to help student’s especial girls to access and use ICT so as to improve their reading skills and life skills. Our target here was for those students who did not had an opportunity to attend on Saturday training sessions.

Student from Hassan Ali secondary school searching for books during TOYO visitation in their school


As implementation team we are glad that at last we were able to operate TOYO mobile library. We have succeeded hire a TOYO driver and visit all schools which are participating in our project. We have seen full support from Head teachers, academic masters and all teachers who are involved in the project from respective school whenever we are visiting their schools.

Dunda Secondary School head mistress talking to form three students during Toyo visitation in her school


Though we have seen success and good participation of students on Saturday training activities and during TOYO outreach, but we have been facing number of challenges which hinder smooth implementation of the project.

Despite the fact that we are using books available at the public library during our visitations and students are interested to read books, but we are still facing the challenge of not having books which are suitable for secondary school curriculum.


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