ITIDO handled over a Toyo Mobile Library Bagamoyo

                                         TOYO MOBILE LIBRARY

It was 6th of June 2014 when a mobile library was official launched in Bagamoyo District Pwani Region in Tanzania. This is the first motor cycle mobile library to be introduced in Bagamoyo and perhaps is the first one in Tanzania. This mobile has given a name known as TOYO mobile library. TOYO is the name or a bland of a motorcycle which was modified and became a mobile library.

Toyo mobile was an innovative idea from ITIDO team with the aim at helping students from Bagamoyo district who are not able to access public library services especially district library.

Due to the fact that many secondary schools in Bagamoyo are allocated far from district library and there is no reliable transport to pick them from schools to public library.

ITIDO handled over a Toyo mobile library motorcycle to Tanzania Library Service Board (TLSB) which was designed specifically to provide library services in secondary schools Bagamoyo District.

ITIDO decided to contribute to the district library by making this innovative library in order to provide opportunities to students especially girls to use ICT services for their studies because they have been lacking this opportunity for a long time, since most secondary schools do not have libraries and they are allocated far away from district library.

Prof. Eustella Bhalalusesa launching TOYO mobile library

Upon the opening of TOYO mobile library, Commissioner of Education in Tanzania Prof, Eustella Bhalalusesa advised the community to stop oppressing girls and see them that they cannot succeed in education but they should give them the same chance as they are given male children.  She also appealed to girls, especially those who are in schools to use chances and opportunities of the projects established specifically for them and to remove misconceptions built against them.

Prof. Bhalalusesa thanked ITIDO for making good decisions for their contribution  in enabling students especially girls to get up through ICT education, she added that it is good for students who got this opportunity to use it in a good manner and not  otherwise.

Despite thanking ITIDO for sharing ICT education in Bagamoyo district, teacher Abel Kitungwa speaking on behalf of secondary schools teachers in Bagamoyo; He advised the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training Tanzania to establish national curriculum for ICT and students should sit for practical national examination for ICT subject lather than the way it is right now where there is no priority to ICT education to enable students to be capable of using ICT equipments practically.

Students from various secondary schools in Bagamoyo in a group photo with guests of honors at Bagamoyo District Library during the launching of ICT4G project and TOYO mobile library

ITIDO contributed total amount of 5 million Tanzanian shillings which was used to purchase and renovate Toyo motorcycle, to be used as a mobile library.

Prepare by

Sixmund Baghashe and Mwawi Mlekano


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