Tanzanian m-Health platform solution showcased at re:publica in Berlin

Tanzanian mHealth platform solution showcased at re:publica in Berlin

The project aiming to create a Tanzanian National Integrated Community mHealth Platform (NICmHP) was showcased at the re:publica media convention that took place this past May in Berlin, Germany, by Mwawi Leah Mlekano, executive director of ITIDO LTD and the secretary of Tanzania mHealth community of practice.

re:publica is one of the largest and most exciting conferences about digital culture in the world. Representatives of digital culture share their knowledge and decision-making tools, and discuss the future of the information society.

Mwawi Leah Mlekano responding to question: she was part of the Connecting health – systemic mHealth solutions for better pregnancy and birth giving care session:

In Tanzania we had a lot of mHealth and eHealth projects already, but the problem we are trying to solve is being repetitive. Many projects are not reaching certain communities and areas over and over again. Our objective is to make sure the projects are being equally integrated and to have a system that guides project integrators to know what to do and where to do it. There is no need of repeating the same kind of project and the same kind of solution in the same area. So we as implementers, we thought that the Tanzanian ministry should help us coordinate all the projects in Tanzania so that we can reach all areas to the standard of the ministry” – she answered when asked how is the project idea different to what has been tried before and how are certain challenges to be tackled.

The issue of sustainability in development came up during the Q&A and was addressed by Ms Mlekano: “I am part of an implementing organisation and we identified a problem: today there is one organisation funding, tomorrow there is another in the same area with a similar project. It is in the end not adopted by the government. Then the history repeats itself with a third organisation: NO sustainability, NO scalability! We as community thus decided to have our project, because we need to push the government to set a standard for all the projects that are to be implemented in Tanzania, so that it is easier for the government to adopt them when the fund goes out. So if we want to collect data for DHIS, my project should be at the same standard as another one: when I come, I do A-B-C and when somebody arrives, they do D-E-F-G, and yet someone else will continue”.

The project itself – Tanzanian National Integrated Community mHealth Platform (NICmHP) – has been developed in the framework of the innovation factory, an initiative implemented by the German Development Cooperation (GIZ) on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Economic Development and Cooperation (BMZ). The innovation factory provides a collaborative and creative space for health and IT professionals to support health systems in delivering quality health services.

Click here to see the full description and video of the session at re:publica: https://re-publica.com/17/session/connecting-health-systemic-mhealth-solutions-better-pregnancy-and-birth-giving-care





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