ITIDO carried out mass awareness educational evening screenings, conduct specific Sensitization and orientation meetings with Village Executives officers, leaders and influential people in Kondoa, Rufiji, Chemba and Dodoma Urban and conducting Community empowerment and capacity building meetings plus dialogue and feedback sessions. During these meetings ITIDO provided and obtained valuable information on activities to be carried out plus ways they can be carried out in the community. These activities made ITIDO more aware of logistical issues plus social economic situation on the ground know the nature of community, challenges from the community which can hinder project implementation and how to handle them.

Apart from that ITIDO has worked with Community Health Workers in implementing community-based interventions contributed to a lack of evidence demonstrating the impact of mobile phone applications on CHW motivation, support, supervision, as well as maternal and child health referral rates on respective districts . This community health project was supporting 50 Community Health Workers (CHWs), each serving about 100 households in Dodoma. A small staff of project managers and nurses supervise from a local office.

In fulfilling the outcome and meeting the set aside indicators, ITIDO has successfully participating in several outreach activities in Dodoma. All of these activities were implemented with great assistance from Aga Khan Health Services Tanzania –JHI staff in Dodoma and included health camp days campaigns plus nutrition mobile clinics integrating relevant gender equality and environment issues, through mobilization of community members and  targeted individuals in collaboration with key stakeholders including local government and communities health workers. In  making sure that expanded mix and number of cost-effective, affordable MNCH services offered to women of reproductive age, newborns and children under 5 at five PMCs and outreach sites events like gender/ environment/ ECD messaging , MNCH mobile clinics/health camps –Outreach were 44 conducted in Dodoma, Kondoa, and Chemba.

On the 14th February 2014 a health camp was conducted comprising of 5 mini camps in Dodoma Urban Hombolo area. These mini camps in Hombolo were at the Ipala, Hombolo, Mkoyo, Hombolo Makulu and Dawaye villages.

  1. Health promotion and behavior change communication (BCC)

Health promotion and behavior change communication (BCC) strategies and interventions, which integrate relevant gender equality and environmental issues were adapted and implemented as part of activities which complement Increased knowledge of target population (women, men) of maternal, newborn and child health.

There were 12 Health promotions BCC in form of theater performance activities involving relating performance arts and health matters in the community, creating a drama play that triggers discussions in the community, Community theatre practice and techniques plus basic concepts in theatre, drama and community theatre conducted