ITIDO in corroboration with Pharmacy council of Tanzania, and Management Science for Health (MSH) have developed a comprehensive web based database system which is used to improve fees collection system from personnel and premises and create better communication and information flow system between PC, personnel’s and premises

This database is used to  store data on facility registration, inspection, personnel and premise fees payments, information on personnel qualifications and certification, private sector drugs outlets facilities and personnel data. On other hand this database is GIS compatible and linked to Google earth for basic geospatial analysis

In spite of developing web based database system ITIDO also had developed mobile technology applications, which is compatible with basic mobile phones (like Tecno, Nokia). The mobile package has four main services which are mobile payment via mobile money, Data Collection and Reporting, Value Added Services (VAS) and Helpline, which allows premise and personnel to send and receive necessary information on premises and personnel requirement.

In order to make sure that personnel’s and ADDO owners understand PC initiatives and know how to use mobile technology developed, ITIDO in collaboration with MSH and Pharmacy Council conducted training to ADDO Owners, Dispenser and personnel on the use of mobile technology services in different regions as a part of  implementation activity.