ITIDO has seen measurable success in rendering hands-on-training for Youths from various Universities and Colleges in Dar es Salaam (UDSM, St. Joseph University, SAUTI, Ardhi University, IFM, UCC, e.t.c); through Identifying, Training/Coaching and Exposing Youths (who are intensely affected by rising unemployment) to magnify capacity of their grassroots innovations and inventions, inculcate entrepreneurial knowledge and skills and enhance leaderships skills to make youths self-employed and/or able to compete in the local and international employment market. More than 50 Youths are engaged on six-week mentorships and internships program annually

Youth empowerment program seek to deploy ICT (digital revolution) ability to empower ever larger numbers of youths with the means to gather and process information, to formulate and exchange ideas, to produce new content and services, to transform existing contents and services, and to reach a public with their productions or transformations.

Of late, ITIDO signed cooperation agreement with University of Dar Es Salaam Information Technology Center (UDITC), under the UDSM - College of Information, Communication and Technology – CoICT to provide hands-on-training to foster innovative and inventive capacities on Youths for attaining both social entrepreneurs and business entrepreneurs. This is in the course of preparing Youths for both self-employment and employment sectors in Tanzania. We are now seeking to expand and reach more Youths who might be/already have been the statistics of the ‘reserve’ of unemployed labor-force in Tanzania.